Voices from Poland is a project ultimately aimed at developing an oral history collection of reflections and stories from members of, and academic experts on, the nine national, and four ethnic minority groups recognized by the Polish Ministry of Interior.  This blog is a first step towards that goal.  As we visit and speak with members of these communities we are chronicling our experiences with pictures, audio recordings and notes from the trove of mostly forgotten stories we’ve heard.  We will share as much as we can with you on this blog.  Eventually, this (or another website) will store the entirety of the interviews we have collected.

The ethnic and national minority groups being studied:

Who “we” are:

Daniel Jezierski

Daniel Jezierski graduated from John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin in 2009 with highest honors.  Daniel has extensive classroom experience as a history teacher and  was a Humanity in Action Summer Fellow in 2010 (Warsaw).  He is a member of Amnesty International.

David Liebers

David graduated from the University of Rochester with degrees in history and evolutionary biology.  After finishing an IRTA Fellowship with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, USA, he was a Humanity in Action Summer Fellow in 2010 (Warsaw).  David is a Gates Scholar at the University of Cambridge, reading for an M.Phil. in the History and Philosophy of Science.

This project has been inspired by Humanity in Action Poland’s academy on human rights. The implementation of the project “Voices from Poland” has been possible thanks to the support of the Foundation Humanity in Action Poland and the U.S. Embassy in Poland.

Inspiracją do powstania projektu była akademia Praw człowieka i aktywności obywatelskiej Fundacji Humanity in Action Polska. Projekt „Voices from Poland” realizowany jest dzięki wsparciu Fundacji Humanity in Action Polska oraz Ambasady USA w Polsce.


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